Crusty Bread Sandwich

This month's Aspiring Baker's June Challenge is Bread .... it is a real challenge for me as I always find bread making tedious and time consuming. Although I have a bread maker at home and have attended free lessons from PH, I've only used my bread maker to make jam and pau .... what a waste huh! But I just don't wish to miss this month's challenge and have been spending some time flipping through my baking books looking for recipes on bread making. I found a recipe in this Chinese book  精緻點心DIY that I bought in Taiwan many years ago.  You don't even have to bake the bread, just dip with beaten egg and breadcrumbs then deep fry it (I shallow fry the bread for health purpose) and make it into a sandwich. I can tell you that it is real easy to work with without the bread maker machine, the bread outside is very crusty and inside is super soft. I've added lettuce, ham, egg, tomato, cucumber and a dash of pepper and sandwich with butter spread. Of course you can add cheese, tuna, sausage or anything you desire.

I am submitting this Bread Sandwich to Aspiring Bakers #8 - Bread Seduction June 2011 
hosted by The Sweetylicious 
also submitting this entry to  Yeastspotting

Here is the recipe (I only used half recipe for 9 medium size crusty bread)
250g Bread flour
40g Caster sugar
1/2 tsp Salt
1 small egg (about 30g)
25g Crisco shortening
150g Water
5g Instant yeast


Kitchen note: I think I've should dusted some plain flour on the dough before dipping with egg as you can see my crusty bread is quite dark.

Got a good feedback from Fong's Kitchen Journal about the method of deep frying bread ~ 
"You may want to try deep-frying instead of shallow-frying for a lighter brown tone. When shallow-fry, the bread is very close to the bottom of pan/wok and it will burn easily. Start with lower heat at the beginning and increase heat at the end to expel the oil." ~ Thank you Fong :)

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