Dried Cherry Tomato and Yuzu Cake

I love munching dried cherry tomatoes as they are sweet and a little sourish to my liking. Something popped into my mind while I was munching half way ~~ why not add this little tomatoes into my bakes? So I quickly flipped through some of my cookbooks and I saw this recipe from a Chinese cookbook 经典100 using yuzu paste and orange cointreau as the main ingredients ~~ mmmm... this must be good to go with my dried cherry tomatoes! Without second thoughts, I baked this Dried Cherry Tomato and Yuzu Cake yesterday with slight modification. I'm very pleased with the result, the cake was soft and the combination of flavours, perfect, love it to bits. Definitely a keeper cake that can be baked as a gift for Chinese New Year.   

Dried Cherry Tomato and Yuzu Cake

     (A) 20g Orange Cointreau
           20g Yuzu paste
           30g Cold water

     (B) 120g Butter
           40g Sugar
           3 Egg yolks, beaten (70g eggs each)
           20g Orange cointreau
           1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
           2 tbsp Plain yoghurt

     (C) 3 Egg whites
           50g Sugar

     (D) 150g Plain flour
            1/2 tsp Baking powder (sieve together in a bowl)

     (E) 35g Dried cherry tomatoes (available   at PH)
           sliced or cut to small pieces

     Kitchen notes:
     You may like to increase the recipe using 4 eggs to make the cake looks taller.
     Can use orange juice and zest if you don't have orange cointreau at home.

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