Steamed Orange Cupcakes

When I first saw Joceline's Steamed Orange Cupcakes, I told myself I have to try it as it sounds quite healthy with little butter used and orange is also one of my favourite fruits. This steamed cake texture tasted like 'Huat Kueh' ('Huat Kueh' in Hokkien or 'Fatt Ko' (发糕) Cantonese, meaning prosper in Chinese). It has a nice sweet, citrus taste and  flavour as I've added a full tablespoon of orange zest into it. Tastes so good when served warm. 真的要谢谢花主席的分享 :)

Steamed Orange Cupcakes
    250g Self raising
    1 tsp Baking powder 
    100g Fine sugar
    1 Egg, lightly beaten
    50g Butter, melted and leave to cool
    210g Fresh orange juices + 40g water = 250g
    1 tbsp Orange zest
    60g Candied orange peels (I used orange strips and dice to small pieces)
    1 drop of orange colouring


      I am submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #25 – Steaming Hot Cakes (November 2012)
                                    hosted by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders. 

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