Matcha Marble Chiffon Cake

I'm sure many of you know that I love green tea/matcha tea and have used matcha powder many times before in my bakes and jellies. In my recent most posts, there are Honey Green Tea Jelly and Matcha Marble Castella Cake. So two days ago, I created this light and airy Matcha Marble Chiffon Cake with matcha powder again. This recipe was exactly the same from my favourite cookbook Okashi, Keiko Ishida - Green Tea Chiffon Cake that I'd made about two year ago but this time I used the matcha powder paste to create into marbling effect in the cake. The chiffon cake turned out very well with a hint  of the green tea/matcha flavour fragrance and flavour that was really great for an afternoon tea.

Matcha Marble Chiffon Cake
     70g Plain flour
     5 Egg yolks
     20g Caster sugar
     70g Water
     60g Canola oil or corn oil
     5g Matcha powder mix with 1 tbsp hot water

     90g Caster sugar
     10g Corn flour
     5 Egg whites

note: I'm using a bigger tube pan size 23cm. 21cm chiffon cake pan should be the correct size.


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