Chocolate Mint Cheesecake

If you like peppermint or mint, you'll love this Chocolate Mint Cheesecake. The ingredients are so simple yet the chocolate and mint flavor in the cheesecake work so well together, it has a light minty flavor in the cheesecake and feel so refreshing that definitely makes you go for second helpings.  

This recipe is adapted from the book Dessert's Temptation

Chocolate Cake (Base)
3 Eggs yolks
65g Sugar
3 Egg whites
60g Cake flour or all purpose flour - sifted
20g Valrhona cocoa powder - sifted
40g Melted butter
20g Fresh milk

Mint Cheesecake
250g Cream cheese (room temperature)
45g Sugar
3 Large eggs
50g Whipping cream
1 to 1 1/2 tbsp Peppermint essence (or puree some mint leaves & push them through a sieve to extract the juice)

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Chocolate Cake (Base)
To Assemble
Kitchen note: Wrap cake tin with heavy duty aluminum foil to prevent any water from sipping into the cheesecake during baking.
You can replace 1 tsp vanilla extract to the chocolate and cream cheese batter if you don't like peppermint.