Christmas Fruit Cake 圣诞蛋糕

I love Fruit Cake that is moist, rich and jam-packed with mixed dried fruit and nuts and full of rum flavor. Fruit cake can be made at least 2 weeks in advance (some even said 1 month in advance) and this is my 3rd Fruit Cakes that I baked for my friends as Christmas gift and I'm going to bake this for Chinese New Year too. Hope you love this recipe :)) Enjoy!

Christmas Fruit Cake 
Line a 8" square cake tin with two layers of parchment paper, bottom and sides of cake tin
          250g Butter
          125g Sugar 
          4 Eggs
          200g Plain flour (sifted with baking powder)
          1/2 tsp Baking powder 
          1/2 tsp Mixed spice 
          500g Mixed dried fruit
          100g Pitted prune - cut to small pieces
          8 tbsp Rum 
          100g Walnut - chop to small pieces
          2 tbsp Rum 
          2 tbsp Rum compound (optional)
          2 tbsp Orange juice 
          Orange zest from one orange 
          1 tsp Vanilla extract


     250克 牛油 (稍软)
     125克 细砂糖
     4个 全蛋 (约65-70克)
     200克 面粉 和 1/2 茶匙 发粉,一起过筛
     1/2茶匙 混合香料
     500克 干杂果
     100克 西梅,切粒
     8 汤匙 兰姆酒
     100克 核桃,切小
     2 汤匙 兰姆酒
     2 汤匙 兰姆香精 (可不放)
     2 汤匙 鲜榨橙汁
     橙屑 (从一粒鲜橙取出)
     1茶匙 Vanilla香精


Wishing all my dear Friends and Readers
A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year bright with joy and success.

This will be my last post of this year and I'll see you in 2011.
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