Green Tea Chiffon Cake

Here's my adaption of the recipe Green Tea Chiffon Cake from the same book Okashi sweet treats made with love. I just love the aroma and taste of matcha or green tea powder in this light airy cake and it was gone within a day.
I am sending this to Aspiring Bakers #1 Chiffon Cake (Nov 2010) hosted by Small Small Baker.

Here is the recipe (adapted from Okashi sweet treats made with love)

70g Plain flour
10g Green tea powder
5 Egg yolks
20g Caster sugar
70g Water
60g Canola oil or corn oil

90g Caster sugar
10g Corn flour
5 Egg whites


**slowly pour egg mixture into the meringue


Green Tea Chiffon Cake on Foodista

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