Traditional Baked Mooncake 中秋月饼 (2010)

Mooncakes are Chinese pastries consumed during the Mid Autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival). They are round or squared baked confection with fillings and the crust is usually decorated with an imprint of flower designs. The traditional mooncake has lotus paste filling with the option of salted egg yolk stuffed inside and now there are also new and exciting flavors come up every year like chocolate, honeydew, passionfruit..., even sugar free lotus paste for diabetes is also available.
Every year I used the same recipe and the same molds to make the traditional baked mooncakes with no egg yolks to cut down calories and cholesterol. I actually made 18 pieces baked mooncakes with fillings ~ white lotus paste, lotus paste and red bean filling and used the remaining dough to shape 6 piggies ( with red bean filling) for the little ones.

Printable recipe
Here is the recipe

600g Hong Kong flour
360g Sugar Syrup
12g Alkaline water
150g Peanut oil
3kg Lotus paste (for about 20 pcs mooncakes)


Kitchen note : Egg wash - one egg yolk + 1 tbsp water mix well and pass through a sieve. Add little egg yellow coloring and mix well.

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